QMC Reporting Channel

This is the QMC Reports Channel, exclusive and confidential, intended for the recording of anonymous or identified reports on ethical issues and/or those that require action by the QMC Group.

All information registered on this channel will be received by an independent and specialized company, guaranteeing absolute secrecy.

IMPORTANT: It is essential that the report be provided in detail, as the absence of objective facts and the presentation of succinct, generic or full of value judgment reports harm and delay the investigation, which may compromise the result.

How it works?

This is an exclusive channel for the entire public, employees, customers, suppliers, service providers, society in general and public agency to report securely and, if desired, anonymously, any action that violates QMC's values ​​and policies or that needs some action by the QMC Group.

Reports must be made by clicking the report button, by WhatsApp or telephone, available 24/7.

We inform you that this channel is reserved exclusively for the evaluation of ethical issues and matters related to the operation of the websites, and should not be used for doubts, suggestions or criticisms. In these cases, you must contact our service channels indicated below:

1. For matters relating to QMC Group products, acess the link: https://www.qmctelecom.com.br/contato.

2. For matters related to leasing, access the link: https://www.qmctelecom.com.br/contato-proprietarios/ 

3. For matters related to the General Data Protection Law, contact us via email privacidade-dados-br@qmctelecom.com.

The information registered in this channel will be received and treated by an independent and specialized company, which has the obligation to ensure the absolute secrecy and the adequate treatment of the information, without conflict of interests.

To make a report click on the button "REPORT BY WEB" or "REPORT BY WHATSAPP", if you prefer, call the number 0800 591 5429.

If you prefer to report via Whatsapp and are asked to use the code QMC EN.

QMC Group appreciates your confidence and initiative in this Ethic Channel

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Quem é o Ouvidor Digital?

O Ouvidor Digital é uma solução para detectar casos de violação de condutas éticas ou descumprimento a legislação, que possam afetar o resultado financeiro, a reputação e o ambiente de trabalho da sua empresa.