Ethics Channel Tembici

This is a safe Channel to report:

Misconducts that are against Tembici’s policies, values and Integrity Policy and the company good practices.

Reports about corruption, fraud and other irregularities defined by Brazilian Anticorruption Law (Law nº 12.846/2013), FCPA and other legislations.

Reports are received by an independent company that guarantees the confidentiality of all the information received.

Tembici has as a principle of its Ethic Channel the protection against retaliation to the person reporting by good faith and impartial analysis of data and facts.

How it works

Please, describe the situation that drives you to search for this Channel. It is important that your report is as complete and detailed as possible.

To follow the analysis of your report, you will receive a protocol number.

You do not have to identify yourself to make a report. In this case, we assure that your report will remain anonymous, which means that you will not be identified. In any case, the confidentiality of all information will be preserved.

To make a report click on the button "REPORT BY WEB" or "REPORT BY WHATSAPP", if you prefer, call the number 0800 591 3296.

If you prefer to report via Whatsapp and are asked to use the code Tembici.

Tembici appreciates your confidence and initiative in this Ethic Channel

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Who is Ouvidor Digital?

Ouvidor Digital is a solution to detect cases of violation of ethical conduct or non-compliance with legislation, which may affect your company's financial result, reputation and work environment.