Whistleblowing Channel GEF Capital Partners

This is a safe and independent portal for registering questions, concerns, or grievances, including violations or suspected violations of ethical conduct or non-compliance with legislation, related to GEF Capital Partners, and/or its managed funds and portfolio companies.

We guarantee the anonymity and security of the identity of the whistleblower.

How it works?

This portal is exclusively for receiving complaints about occurrences of noncompliance with laws or occurrence of inappropriate and unethical conduct that may affect the image, financial results and work environment of GEF Capital Partners.

If you want to request information, send your opinion, suggestions, compliments or make a complaint that do not violate our Code of Ethics, please email: contact@gefcapital.com

To make a report click on the button "REPORT BY WEB" or "REPORT BY WHATSAPP"

If you prefer to report via Whatsapp and are asked to use the code GEF Capital.

GEF Capital Partners thanks you for your initiative and trust.