Denouncement Channel FriGol

This is a secure and independent portal for reporting information on ethical conduct violations or non-compliance with laws.

We guarantee the anonymity and security of the whistleblower's identity.

How it Works

This portal is exclusive for receiving reports on non-compliance with laws or the existence of inappropriate and unethical behavior that may affect the image, financial results, and work environment of FriGol EN.

To make a report, click on the "REPORT BY WEB" or "REPORT BY WHATSAPP" button, or if you prefer, call the number 0800 591 2214.

If you prefer to report via WhatsApp and are requested, use the code FriGol_en.

FriGol EN appreciates your initiative and trust.

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Who is Ouvidor Digital?

Ouvidor Digital is a solution to detect cases of violation of ethical conduct or non-compliance with legislation, which may affect your company's financial result, reputation and work environment.