Hello, you are on the Blip Ethics Channel.

This is a channel to receive reports or complaints of improper or illegal conduct or that you consider to violate or may violate any of Blip's laws, values and culture of ethics and integrity. This channel is anonymous, but if you wish, you can identify yourself. Everything that is reported here will be treated based on our values. Don't worry: we won't expose you to leaders, teams, and boards.

Blip does not allow and does not tolerate any form of retaliation or intimidation against anyone who has made a report of violation or potential violation, acting in good faith. The purpose of this channel is to improve our day-to-day, our quality of life at work and provide well-being to the entire community of Blippers, partners, customers and suppliers, in addition to ensuring that we are complying with all laws and following the best market practices, ethical standards and integrity, in all our activities. We are here to welcome you, listen to you and take care of you.

How it works

This portal is exclusively for receiving complaints or reports of improper or illegal conduct or occurrences of non-compliance with our values and that are not compatible with our culture.

For compliments, use Qulture.rocks in the compliments section. For Feedbacks, use the feedfast section.

To make a report, click on the "Report on the Web" or "Report on Whatsapp" button.

If you prefer to report via Whatsapp and are requested, use the Blip code.

Blip cares for your well-being and thanks you for your initiative, transparency and trust.

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Who is Ouvidor Digital?

Ouvidor Digital is a solution to detect cases of violation of ethical conduct or non-compliance with legislation, which may affect your company's financial result, reputation and work environment.